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PW-C Pumps

The Pan World PW-C range of seal-less, magnetic drive centrifugal pumps is widely known to be extremely robust, reliable and long lasting. Delivering a huge range of different flows and heads and manufactured with Cast Iron – ETFE lined Casings, PW-C pumps are utilised in almost every industry and are suitable for applications including, but not limited to; Fume Scrubbers, Chemical Circulation, CIP, Printed Circuit Boards and agricultural fertilizer production. The PW-C range is available with full ATEX certification as an option.

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 80M³/hr

Head: Up to 40M

Temp: Up to 90°C

Pressure: Up to 10Bar

Materials: Cast Iron - ETFE Lined

Connections: Flanged

Corrosive Liquids

Corrosive Liquids

ATEX Available

ATEX Available

March May Ltd