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PW-Self Priming Pump

The Pan World range of seal-less, magnetic drive centrifugal pumps is widely known to be reliable and long lasting, delivering a huge range of different flows and heads and available in an array of different materials. PW pumps are utilised in almost every industry and are suitable for applications including, but not limited to; Fume Scrubbers, Chemical Circulation, CIP, Printed Circuit Boards and agricultural fertilizer production. The PW range is available with full ATEX certification.

March May Ltd

Flows: 20 - 600l/min

Head: Up to 25m

Temp: Max 90°c

Pressure: Up to 10Bar

Materials: PP, PVDF

Connections: Flanged

Corrosive Liquids

Corrosive Liquids

Self priming with chamber

Self priming with chamber

March May Ltd