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Cooler Water, Liquid Circulation, Glycol Chiller & Coolant Pumps

March May are specialists in the field of both vertical spindle top pumps and multistage base pumps for remote chiller units and glycol baths.We have one of the largest ranges of both mechanically sealed and magnetic drive pumps for coolant or glycol circulation. Our vertical spindle pumps are energy efficient, quiet and designed so as to minimise heat transfer into the liquid. Various mounting plates and column lengths are available to ensure compatibility with the most common cooler water units. We have extensive research and development facilities which allows us to both design and modify existing products to meet the needs of individual clients.

VSP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 18l/min

Head: Up to 22M

Temp: Up to 120°C

Pressure: Max 6 Bar System (Ryton)

Materials: Polypropylene, Ryton PPS

Connections: Hosetail

VTP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 12l/min

Head: Up to 1.7 Bar

Temp: Up to 120°C

Pressure: Max 6 Bar

Materials: Ryton PPS

Connections: Hosetail

MSP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 20L/min

Head: up to 29M

Temp: Up to 85°c

Pressure: Max 3 Bar

Materials: Polypropylene

Connections: BSP Threaded, JG Push Fit

HTP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: 1 l/min – 20 l/min

Head: up to 37m (in series)

Temp: up to 100°c

Pressure: Max 50 Bar (Stainless)

Materials: Ryton PPS, 316 Stainless

Connections: Plain ports

PI Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 22 l/min

Head: Up to 10m

Temp: Up to 70°c

Pressure: Max 2 Bar (system)

Materials: Polypropylene

Connections: BSP / Hose-tail