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Brewing & Distilling


Bottle Filling, Keg & Cask Beer Pumps

Bottling and casking finished product is the last step in the brewing process. To ensure the alcoholic beverage is not disturbed and carbon dioxide is not knocked out of the solution, a pump with a gentle flow is required. March May have a range of bottle filling, keg and cask beer pumps that are available to buy online that offer minimal disturbance and that will not cause sheer. They are available in both stainless steel and food compatible plastics such as polypropylene.

TE Pump

March May Ltd

Flows: 5 l/min – 675 l/min

Head: up to 35m

Temp: up to 93°c

Pressure: up to 12 bar

Materials: PP, Ryton PPS, Kynar PVDF, 316 SS

Connections: Threaded or flanged

SS Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 60l/min

Head: Up to 9M

Temp: Up to 120°c

Pressure: Max 6 Bar System (Ryton)

Materials: Ryton PPS, Polypropylene

Connections: BSP Threaded

809 Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 30l/min

Head: Up to 6M

Temp: up to 120°c

Pressure: Max 10 Bar system

Materials: Bronze, PPS, Stainless

Connections: Threaded

EMD Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 30l/min

Head: Up to 6M (DC Motor)

Temp: Up to 85°c

Pressure: Max 2 Bar

Materials: Polypropylene

Connections: Hosetail

PS Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 8m³

Head: Up to 20m

Temp: Max 85°c

Pressure: Max 3 Bar

Materials: PP, PVDF, ETFE

Connections: Threaded & Hose tail