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Brewing & Distilling


Beer, Alcohol, Liquor & Drink Dispenser Pumps

March May have been the leading manufacturer of dispenser pumps for the beverage market for some 25 years. We design and manufacture a range of sub-zero vertical spindle top pumps, as well as a range of single and multistage Magnetic Drive base pumps. Our products are found on remote water glycol beer chillers in bars, pubs and restaurants across Europe. Our beverage dispense products are renowned for their quality and reliability, as such we work alongside some of the biggest names in the drinks dispense industry and have done for over 20 years, designing and developing products for specific applications including alcohol or liquor. Today all of our beverage dispense products are only available for sale exclusively via our distribution partner ADS2 Dispense.

VSP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 18l/min

Head: Up to 22M

Temp: Up to 120°C

Pressure: Max 6 Bar System (Ryton)

Materials: Polypropylene, Ryton PPS

Connections: Hosetail

VTP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 12l/min

Head: Up to 1.7 Bar

Temp: Up to 120°C

Pressure: Max 6 Bar

Materials: Ryton PPS

Connections: Hosetail

MSP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 20L/min

Head: up to 29M

Temp: Up to 85°c

Pressure: Max 3 Bar

Materials: Polypropylene

Connections: BSP Threaded, JG Push Fit

HTP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: 1 l/min – 20 l/min

Head: up to 37m (in series)

Temp: up to 100°c

Pressure: Max 50 Bar (Stainless)

Materials: Ryton PPS, 316 Stainless

Connections: Plain ports