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VTP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 12l/min

Head: Up to 1.7 Bar

Temp: Up to 120°C

Pressure: Max 6 Bar

Materials: Ryton PPS

Connections: Hosetail

MSP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 20L/min

Head: up to 29M

Temp: Up to 85°c

Pressure: Max 3 Bar

Materials: Polypropylene

Connections: BSP Threaded, JG Push Fit

HTP Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: 1 l/min – 20 l/min

Head: up to 37m (in series)

Temp: up to 100°c

Pressure: Max 50 Bar (Stainless)

Materials: Ryton PPS, 316 Stainless

Connections: Plain ports

809 Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: Up to 30l/min

Head: Up to 6M

Temp: up to 120°c

Pressure: Max 10 Bar system

Materials: Bronze, PPS, Stainless

Connections: Threaded

AC Pumps

March May Ltd

Flows: 2 l/min – 70 l/min

Head: up to 7m

Temp: up to 93°c

Materials: PP, Ryton PPS, Kynar PVDF

Connections: Threaded or plain