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What is a Magnetic Drive Pump?

What is a Magnetic Drive Pump?

A magnetic drive pump is powered through the force of magnetism, creating a magnetic field between 2 coupled magnets which allows the impeller and fluid beind pumped to be contained within a hermetically sealed chamber. The magnetic drive pump (with its hermetically sealed chamber) can therefore operate without requiring a mechanical seal, eliminating any risks of leakages occurring during operation. This can greatly reduce the day-to-day operational costs that your business may incur through maintenance.

A common question that we are asked here at March May is just how does a magnetic drive pump work?

How Does it Work?

Compared to a traditional mechanical seal pump that has a direct link between the impeller and the motor, a magnetic drive pump does not have this connection. The impeller is instead driven using a pair of coupled magnets, the drive magnet and the impeller magnet (Fig. 1). Separated by the pump chamber (or more commonly known as the wet end assembly), the strong magnetic field penetrates through the pump housing allowing the torque generated to be transferred from the drive magnet to the impeller magnet. The impeller, being either integrated directly into the impeller magnet or assembled using a variety of methods, is now operating synchronously with the drive magnet and the motor allowing the chosen fluid to be pumped.

what is a magnetic drive pump

The wet end assembly (Fig. 2.) consists of a number of parts to ensure the pump operates efficiently. The impeller, as described previously, is rotated by the magnetically coupled impeller magnet and drive magnet. Positioned on a shaft, this ensures that the impeller rotates concentrically to the drive magnet and within the pump chamber. The shaft, along with the thrust washer, are commonly manufactured out of ceramic to provide a performance bearing surface on which the impeller can rotate. Finally a seal, o ring or gasket, is used to ensure that no leakages can occur. Perfect for applications where even the slightest leak cannot occur, whether it be for safety reasons, to avoid costly maintenance of mechanical seals, or to reduce downtime on business crucial operations.

magnetic drive pump breakdown

What is important to recognise is that, as it says in the name, magnetic drive pump can be any pump that is hertmically sealed and that uses magnets to drive the pump. This includes technologies such as centrifugal, turbine, rotary vane, and internal & external gear pumps. Across the technologies the basic operating principles and advantages are the same.

Why Would you Need One?

Magnetic drive pumps have become a necessity where a leak-free installation is needed, or if you require full containment of the fluid that is being pumped. They are particularly useful if your business handles hazardous substances that require extra care and attention. For example, when handling ink, paints, and solvents it is essential that you have a system fully capable to circulate these fluids without the risk of erosion and damage.


You can expect to see various benefits from installing a magnetic drive pump. Advantages include the following:

  • • Low maintenance costs
  • • Low risk of leaks from the fluid or vapour emissions
  • • Perfect for use with hazardous, corrosive, flammable and/or explosive, or other toxic fluids.
  • • Simplified alignment of the pump
  • • Reliability

If you are considering using a magnetic drive pump for your operations then do feel free to get in touch with us. We have experts on hand, that can help you better understand if a magnetic drive pump is right for your business as well as help you select the most appropriate one.

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